Monday, July 21, 2008

Early Family Images

These are some of the earliest Poole family images that I have. All are from my father's (John R. Poole's) photo collection. Most were taken in Nashville, GA, or at the Poole farm in the nearby rural community of Cottle. Few have definite dates, but I've attempted to provide best possible estimates, generally based on my father's age at the time.

John Poole (seated) and Henry Monroe Poole. This is perhaps the finest image I have of either of these men. John Poole was my great uncle (whom my father was named after), and Henry Monroe Poole was his brother and my grandfather. This photo was probably taken sometime around 1910-1915. The manner of dress -- broad brimmed hats, bow ties, pocket chains -- was ubiquitous for southern gentlemen at that time.

Early family portrait. The back row consists of (l. to r.) John Poole, a woman whom I cannot readily identify, but assume to be John's wife, my grandfather H. M. Poole, and his wife/my grandmother, Eunice Philips-Poole. The older women in the center of the photo are unknown to me, but based on the nature of the photo, I assume that they are matriarchs of any of the three families represented here. The three children are all children of H. M. and Eunice Poole; they are (l. to r.) Elma Poole, James Poole, and John R. Poole (my father). My father appears to be about 2 years old in this photo, so the photo was probably taken around 1909 in Nashville.

Two riders. This photo is affixed to a heavy piece of cardboard; the lower right-hand corner is broken off, and some of the material is also missing from the lower left. My grandfather is on the right. The man on the left is identifed on the reverse side of the cardboard backing as H. D. Culpepper. The Culpepper genealogical archives indicate that (according to the 1900 U.S. Census) there was an H. D. Culpepper who was born in 1878 in Mitchell County, GA, married a Bonnie Maples (also of Mitchell County) in 1904, and was a farmer. I do not know what his relationship to my grandfather was, but he clearly appears to have been another gentleman farmer like my grandfather. Perhaps he was somehow connected with the turpentine industry. I estimate this photo to have been taken some time around 1915 (I am uncertain of the location). That would make Mr. Culpepper about 37 years of age, which certainly seems consistent with his appearance in the photograph.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for your interest in your family tree. I just wish someone I know and love were as interested. Let me know if you get stuck in the 1800s going backwards. I've about had it with my bunch.


John Poole said...

Thank you very much, MCL! It's a privilege to me that you've discovered this blog, and I very much appreciate your comments.

I actually have volumes of additional material to post here. It's just very hard to find the time to organize it all and write well about it.

But please check back from time to time ... hopefully over the next month or two, I will manage to expand the family history record a lot more.


Huma Shah said...

Amazing pictures! :-)

Henry said...


According to my records, my great-grandfather, William Ryley Poole, was the one who Eunice Phillips & Henry Monroe Poole. He lived in Colquitt in Miller County, GA.